May 28, 2014

Si, es la verdad

I now understand why Latinas like to live with their extended families.  It could be because of financial reasons or lack of space, but I bet it started mostly because moms with babies wanted to be able to get the hell out of their houses for once.
I've had the pleasure of staying with my husband's parents and my own parents a lot recently and having those extra sets of willing hands to help is freaking buenisimo.
I'm sure that sounds really politically incorrect.  But I'm just giving credit where credit is due.  Hell, I'd move in with either set of parents if they'd have me!
I used to cherish every moment I had of being alone.  Now that my options are being alone with a baby and an equally as needy dog or being with other people, I'm going to chose those other people 100% of the time.  That way I get the chance to do fancy things like take showers and even go pee pee sometimes!
Te Amo Mi Familia

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