May 07, 2014

Baby Monitors and their power to control you

It's funny how a single device can be both the most entertaining and most terrifying creation known to mankind...or at least moms.
Depending on the visual you see on the screen, a baby monitor can fill you with a sense of calm and relief, or total terror!
This is what you want to see:
Sleeping like an angel
This, not so much:
Basically jogging in place.
I put the monitor next to my bed at night, but from where my head lays, at that angle I can pretty much just see a general infrared scene on the screen on my bedside table. 
It makes me feel like I'm in the movie Zero Dark Thirty.  But instead of being part of a bad ass group of soldiers that are trying to catch Bin Laden, I'm just an overly sleepy mom trying to catch some more Zzzz's. 

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