May 29, 2013

Flippin' Crazy

I saw this article last night on and sent it to myself.  Then this morning I remembered it and thought, "Ha, what a funny thing to dream about."  Because I thought surely I dreamt of this, right?  This cannot be a real thing.  Like a unicorn.
The worst part of this article isn't just that these people did this:
"The Barringtons have been prepping for an underwater birth by taking prenatal swims with dolphins."
It's that the are from North Carolina.  Thanks for shaming the great state of NC, you silly nuts jobs.
And in not at all shocking real information:
"Medical Daily reports that many scientists have dismissed dolphin-assisted therapy. Studies have also shown that dolphins have been known to become aggressive toward people."
I know.  This is brand new information, right?
I already don't understand how water births work, because it seems like the baby would breath in water when coming out.  So I super don't understand how a water birth with a dolphin would work.  I guess you just have to hope that your baby floats and that the dolphin isn't specifically trained to do this, in which case it's bye bye baby:


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