May 17, 2013

Wedding Market Brilliance

This is just absolutely brilliant -  A little sad, but mostly just brilliant.
Here's the business premise in a nutshell:
"Over 250,000 weddings are called off every year.
Bridal Brokerage finds new couples to take over canceled wedding contracts, saving money for buyers, sellers, and wedding vendors alike.
As thousands have registered to purchase beautiful weddings at a fraction of the price, we’ve found another way to make weddings even more affordable.
Wedding vendors are looking to fill their availability over the next 6 months.
If you’re happy with one of our dates, we’re happy to discount the price.
Welcome to Bridal Brokerage. A New Market for Weddings."
I saw this on the Today show this morning and I kind of can't believe no one has already thought of it.  People are always looking to make money off of tragedies.  I guess this is kind of like the cremation services of broken engagements.  But everybody technically "wins".
At least in this case the broken couple gets a little money back and the new couple gets a fly wedding on the cheap.
I really can't imagine how low that would feel when you have your engagement called off and then you subsequently have to go to and click on the link to "Sell Your Wedding."  But still, a little money back might help buy a little happy back!
Speaking of broken engagements, I know of several couples in the last few years who have either had a broken engagement or a marriage that lasted less than a year.  I know it is extremely sad and surprising for the couples involved, but why does everyone have to pretend like it never happened?
If you were engaged or married the last time I saw you and now you're not, feel free to offer up an explanation, because you know I'm going to be curious!

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