May 10, 2013

Case Closed

Recently I bought a case of beer at Harris Teeter.  It's cheaper per unit than buying a 6 pack, and I just wanted to buy a case, but I didn't think I needed to explain myself either way.
Until I got to the register.  And met the 17-year old looking adolescent that was ringing me up.
"I hope this isn't all for you!"
First of all, those who swipe bar codes should not pass judgment.  If I was getting a bag of chips and someone said, "I hope this isn't all for you!", I would consider paging the manager because that is just offensive and suggestive of calling someone fat.
In this case I really wasn't going to go home and drink a whole case of beer, so I played along with his little charade and said, "No.  Not all for me, and not all for tonight." 
Ha.  Ha Ha.  Ha Ha.  Shut up.
Then he proceeds (why?!), "I couldn't even drink this whole thing and I can out drink almost anyone!"
First I was surprised because, A) He looked 17, B) He had just judged me for buying bulk beer, and C) Who brags about drinking, while on the job (I think a manager was even nearby!  Or at least someone in a different colored shirt than the cashiers, indicating more power)?
I get ready to sign my receipt, ready for this whole awkward deal to be over, then he chimes in again!
"I can even out drink my dad...And he's an alcoholic!"
That's when I just gave up.  How the hell do you respond to that?  "Oh good for you!"  "Sucks for your dad!"  I didn't even try.  I just went home and drank some beer.
Sometimes less is more when it comes to talking at the check out.  Especially when it involves your father's alcoholism.  I guess they don't teach that in Harris Teeter training camp.

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