October 04, 2014

Co Crib Sleeping/WTF?

In the last 6 months I've come across numerous chat boards, blog posts, Facebook groups, etc. with people saying that when their child becomes truly inconsolable and refuses to sleep, they either rock them to sleep, put the child in their bed, or get in the crib with the child.
Now I'm not here to take aim at this attachment style of parenting.  I sure don't do it.  Hell, I cannot imagine a worse sleep than having a baby in my bed.  I lasted 3 weeks sleeping in the nursery with my child before I decided mama needed her overhead fan and way more space than a twin bed could offer.
My real issue here is with the people who can fit in the crib with their babies.  Who are these people?  How do they fit in a crib in the first place?  Much less with a sad baby.
I bet it's the type of tiny little bitches who shop in the petite section and lose all their baby weight in two weeks. 
If I tried to get in the crib with Jack, first I'd probably just fail in initial execution and fall over the railing before I even made it in.  Then, if I made it in, I would likely suffocate the poor child with my sheer mass.  I do no understand this method of soothing. 
Perhaps I'm misunderstanding it?  Regardless, I will not be attempting it.  I don't have the money to buy a new crib which would surely buckle underneath my weight.  Nor the effort to stay awake long enough to make sure I didn't smother my child.
Are lots of you moms out there doing this? 

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