February 27, 2015

Danger: Costco

Aside from, oh I don't know, Fallujah and the Gaza Strip, Costco has got to be the most dangerous place on Earth.
I recently became a member.  Which takes my number of memberships to up to 2.  (The first is Winnie's Burger Tavern here in Wilmington.  And to become a member there you pretty much just have to check the box "yes" for "Do you like to play pool?").  I'm basically an elitist.
Anyway, I always go in with great intentions.  Then I always come out with 2 pounds of strawberries and 500 vitamins I didn't meant to buy.
I guess this makes me nouveau Coscto riche.  I hope I don't accidentally start buying gold chains from the jewelry counter on an innocent trip for 100 bagels.

The struggle is real.

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