November 21, 2014

Quick Question...

Why are cats allowed to do whatever the hell they want but dogs are expected to stay inside and out of people's way?

Several of my neighbors have cats and they are always willy nilly losing them like it's no big deal.

But now it is a big deal to me.  My new neighbors started letting their cats out of the house about a month ago and since then it has been Bark City at the Rush household.  Whenever Rosie sees one of those free-for-all felines, she goes ballistic.  Usually this involves waking up Jack from a nap, annoying the crap out of me, and just generally causing an unnecessary ruckus.

So my question to you cat owners out there is this: Why is it OK for you to let your cat roam freely in my yard, under my car, upsetting my dog, and making me feel dirty, when I have to train my dog and keep her on a leash?

Sure, in a dream world, all animals could safely roam as freely as they wanted to and return safely home each night.  But it's not a dream world.  
Case in point: Doritos don't make you skinny.

If I wanted a cat in my yard or my car, you best believe I would get my own.  I don't have a cat because I'm highly allergic and highly unattracted to them.  Recognize.


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