September 01, 2015

J'Adore Preschool

There are a lot of moments when something happens and I'm like, "Woah, I'm a mom."

Nothing has given me a more profound sense of that woahness then when I put a sign in my windshield for carpool pick up at preschool for Jack.  There's really no turning back now.

Also, preschool is magical.  

Even though I barely had time to go to the gym and grocery store before I had to turn back around to get Jack, I still did those things.  By myself.  For the first time in a year and a half.

By the time he got home he was so exhausted that he ate two bites of lunch and almost fell asleep in his high chair.

Now he's taking a 2+ hour nap.  I feel like I'm cheating the whole parenting system.  I barely have to actively parent at all today.

The future is so bright!

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