April 14, 2015

An Apple a Day

Recently I started paying $0.99 per month to Apple, in theory for more iCloud storage, but really it was so they would stop alerting me twice a day about my lack of capacity remaining. 
Yes, I am a sucker.  But also, if the price for getting Apple to shut the hell up is 99 cents per month, then I'll pay it.
And I highly doubt I'm the only one.  Proving once again that the evil Apple geniuses know exactly what they are doing.
Can you even imagine, assuming there are another million people out there who did the same thing that I did, getting over $1,000,000 just for annoying people to the point of paying you to stop?? 
Besides over kissing Jack and asking Grant too many questions, which I'm definitely not getting paid for, I can't think of my money making annoying habit.  But I'm sure I have one just waiting to take to the bank!

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