January 07, 2014

From Your Secret Admirer...Yourself

Since it's still early January, you are still probably trying to lose holiday weight and be healthy and good to your body.
Me?  I'm trying to find creative ways to give myself chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter (preferably together) without actually buying a full bag from the traditional candy aisle.
You know what is great about the aggressively premature Valentine's Day candy and decorations that are already out on the shelves everywhere you go?
They provide a much needed bridge in between the painfully long period of time in which there are no perfectly proportioned holiday Reese's shapes. Namely, Christmas (trees) to Easter (eggs). 
After being blessed with 4+ months of the Reese's Pumpkin and then the Reese's Christmas Tree, it's hard to adjust to life with no peanut butter chocolate perfection. 
Oddly enough, the standard size Reese's Peanut Butter Hearts are the most elusive of all the seasonal delights.  They either come in packets of 6 (I would 100% eat all 6 in one day so that's out of the question), or this big ass heart that is too small to not eat at once but too big to justify as a snack.
 Enter: The inexplicably early Valentine's treats.
I've already been buying myself Valentine's for the last 2 weeks.  It's perfect!  You can find almost all varieties of candy in a heart shaped box for a dollar.  They are portioned controlled and cheap.  Pretty much all I could ever ask for in a candy.

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