September 23, 2010

I'm too sexy for my shirt

Do you ever wonder how incredibly muscular people at the gym get their results?

Well I think I found out yesterday, and the answer is not going to benefit any mere mortals.

There is a totally ripped guy at my gym who has muscles so big that they seriously bulge out of his t-shirt sleeves. As a result, he often wears tank tops, which is just unfortunate for eveyone.

Anywho, I've always seen him doing semi-cray cray weight activities but never anything that really screams, "Hey! This is how I am so jacked!"

But now I think I know why. Yesterday I went to the gym crica 2:30pm to sign up for a machine (which is necessary b/c it's a terrible public university gym with 30 minute cardio limits). I saw him there at this time.

Flash forward to 4:30, when I went to actually work out. He was still there! And as a little angel that I like to call Milly says, "I swear for God," he didn't leave until around 5:15pm.

So folks, that's the answer. If you want to be insanely ripped, almost to the point of being disgusting, just work out for almost 3 hours everyday.

*As I was writing this post in my head yesterday I was thinking, "Who in the world has that kind of time everyday?!" Then I remembered the post below that I wrote 10 minutes ago. Uh oh. I guess technically I should/could be spending 3 hours at the gym everyday. Needle pointing, here I come!

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